Hebrew School

Intimate & concentrated

One-on-one and small group lessons afford an educational experience tailor-made to the needs, learning style and abilities of each student.

Lessons in the home provide the opportunity to delve into material and ideas at a deep and age-appropriate level. Students and teachers develop a strong bond that often continues for several years as they progress through our course of study. SCJ carefully pairs each individual and group with an appropriate teacher whom we feel suits the students – and families – needs and interests.

Teachers are in touch with parents on an ongoing basis to report on student progress and challenges, and to remain abreast of important issues and developments that may impact the learning.

Small groups are typically composed of a group of friends or acquaintances, often with similar backgrounds, whose families have defined similar educational goals and desires. Parents usually come to us with groups already in mind, and SCJ can help match others looking for this experience.