SCJ offers a full B Mitzvah ceremony that is engaging, artistic and focused on the young man or woman and his or her family, infused with music and sprit.

Children and adults tell us after every service that SCJ provides the warmest, happiest, most fun and easy to follow B Mitzvah ceremony they have ever attended. With the aid of the highest caliber New York City musicians, and the close relationship Rabbi Misha develops with each of the school’s B Mitzvah students, the service comes to life with down-to-earth spirituality.

In general it is quite rare for a B Mitzvah student to know the service leader well. The time spent together working toward the event creates a sense of trust and excitement that is hard to come by.

Working with event planners with decades of experience, SCJ can help you choose a venue, and bring the event to life in the most exciting way, making your celebration everything you want it to be.