Spirited, high-quality, affordable Jewish & Hebrew education for children ages 4-13 (including B Mitzvah)

Featuring a separate Immersion Track for Native Hebrew Speakers!

DAY & TIME:   Sundays
   * Base program:  10:00 am – 11:20 am
   * Torah Study (optional):  11:20 am – 12 noon

LOCATION:   JCC North Williamsburg / 14 Hope Street

DATES:   October 2021 – June 2022

   * Base program:   $1,660  (English or Hebrew track)
   * Torah Study add-on:  $400  (English only)
   ** Sibling discount:  5% across all programs

Financial assistance available.

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SCJ is excited to offer a separate Immersion Track for Native Hebrew Speakers, which will emphasize modern Hebrew conversation and grammar in addition to holidays and traditions.

No Hebrew background is necessary for our English-language track.

Hebrew, Holidays, Tradition & Values

As we familiarize children with the Hebrew alphabet (aleph-bet) and language — no matter their level — we will explore the Hebrew calendar and life-cycle and delve into traditions that have characterized Jewish life through the ages. Encountering Judaism’s life-flow and examining ideas from some of the greatest Jewish thinkers in history will give students not only a chance to explore the meaning and purpose of life, but also a sense of how the Jewish framework interacts with the present.

Ma’agal & Midrash 

Our ma’agal (Hebrew for “circle”) will emphasize communal singing. We feel that the strength of Jewish-based communal gatherings is in the ability to lift our collective voices and create a whole bigger than the sum of its parts. No matter our individual belief system, communal singing lifts the soul!

Using melodies new and old, and led by SCJ’s Music Director Yonatan Gutfeld, we will learn some classic liturgy and explore a themed Midrash (ancient story), drawing from the 2,000-year-old well of Jewish moral storytelling and justice-building.

Torah Study (optional)

This recommended additional session will focus on the stories, customs, and wisdom of the Five Books of Moses. Giving Torah the place and attention it deserves, we want to empower children to create a lasting relationship with this sacred text.

Through in-depth analysis, the group will debate the key issues of the weekly Torah portion (parashah), allowing them to express their minds freely and think both in and out of the box.