Small groups…

…explore Judaism through a program infused with creative artistic expression and a full group maâ’agal (circle) gathering of song and story.

SCJ offers weekly classes in Cobble Hill and Windsor Terrace (new for 2023-24!). Grouped by age and grade, children have the opportunity to both learn with their peers and participate in a communal gathering of all students each week, as they engage with our core curriculum.

Hebrew, Holidays, Torah & Values

We explore the Hebrew calendar and life-cycle, delving into traditions that have characterized Jewish life through the ages. Encountering Judaism’s life-flow and examining ideas from some of the greatest Jewish thinkers and texts will give students not only a chance to explore the meaning and purpose of life, but also a sense of how the Jewish framework interacts with the present. Woven throughout is Hebrew language as we familiarize students with the aleph-bet (alphabet) and key vocabulary, no matter their prior exposure or level of knowledge.

Maâ’agal & Midrash

We believe that the strength of Jewish-based communal gatherings is in the ability to lift our collective voices and create a whole bigger than the sum of its parts. No matter our individual belief system, communal singing lifts the soul and Maâ’agal (circle time) offers that opportunity each week.

Using melodies new and old, and led by a talented SCJ musician and teacher, we learn some classic liturgy and explore a themed Midrash (ancient story), drawing from the 2,000-year-old well of Jewish moral storytelling and justice-building.

History, Identity and Social Justice

Social justice and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) are intrinsically woven into the fabric of Jewish life…informed by the past yet geared towards the present and future. We seek to empower children to interpret the world around us and translate that into action through connection with our ancient traditions.

Who am I, and how can I help make the world a better place for all its inhabitants?