What’s next?

…ongoing Jewish learning with SCJ and The New Shul


B Mitzvah is an opening to a lifetime of Jewish learning, and many continue their studies for at least one year after their event, either one on one or in small groups. A program of study is developed jointly by the student and teacher, according to each student’s interests. Topics vary widely and in the past have included:

  • Conversational Hebrew
  • Yiddish literature and culture
  • Israeli politics
  • Science and Spirituality
  • The relationship between Man and Nature in the Torah
  • Human attempts to prove the existence of God

Following your child(ren)’s B Mitzvah celebration, SCJ will reach out to you to discuss the possibility of continued studies.


The New Shul (TNS) is excited to announce the formation of their first post-B Mitzvah cohort, which will begin in the Fall of 2022!

Led by Rabbi Misha, the group will meet regularly throughout the year to learn together, engage in various activities and social justice projects, and just hang out and relax.

For more information or to register your newly-minted Jewish adult, please contact us (info@schoolforcreativejudaism.com) or Susan Meyers, TNS Executive Director (susan@newshul.org).