A milestone for Jewish youth . . . the centerpiece of our Curriculum.

Infused with music and spirit (ruach), B Mitzvah celebrations with SCJ are engaging, artistic, relevant, and focused on the youth and family.

Children and adults tell us after every service that SCJ provides the warmest, happiest, most fun and easy-to-follow B Mitzvah ceremony they have ever attended. Through the close relationship Rabbi Misha develops with each of the school’s B Mitzvah students, the service comes to life with down-to-earth spirituality, filled with music from the highest caliber New York City musicians.

B Mitzvah preparation focuses on Jewish tools ~ preparing for the ceremony itself ~ and Jewish knowledge ~ an intellectual exploration of Judaism, stemming from the Torah portion and culminating in the writing of the D’var Torah (literally words of Torah). The family takes an active role in the cultural and spiritual exploration, while the B Mitzvah engages in a Mitzvah Project focusing on social justice.

During the typical study period of 9-12 months, each student learns to read & write Hebrew, recite blessings and prayers, and chant from the Torah (and sometimes the Haftarah as well). SCJ has developed a personalized method of learning the musical language of the Torah, known as Trope (cantillation), through which students acquire a life-long skill that enables them to chant any passage.

Students emerge from their studies prepared for the ceremony, confident in their skills, and with a positive view of the experience!

And if they want to continue their learning . . .