About Misha Shulman

Born and raised in Jerusalem to American parents, Misha Shulman has been working as a Jewish educator since 1994. He has taught over 1200 children of all ages, preparing many of them for their Bnai Mitzvah. In 2003 he founded SCJ, and has been teaching Hebrew, Judaic Studies and Bnai Mitzvah preparation ever since. Misha is currently in training to become a rabbi, and has conducted religious ceremonies in synagogues and Hebrew schools of all Jewish denominations.

He spent many years teaching at The Village Temple, the Shul of New York and at Rodef Shalom Religious School, and worked as an Arts Educator for the Board of Education of Greater New York from 2003 to 2010.

Misha is an accomplished playwright, theater director and actor, with an MFA from Brooklyn College and an extensive theatrical resume, including performances in places ranging from Off Off Broadway theaters to Lincoln Center, as well as around the globe. He plays a variety of musical instruments, which he often uses to teach Jewish songs, and lead religious services.

Before coming to New York Misha worked as a Commander in Charge of Education in the IDF, as well as acting as both Drama teacher and councilor trainer in Noam, the youth group of the Conservative Movement in Israel.

“Misha Shulman is the Pied Piper of Jewish training; where he leads, his students follow. He is more than a tutor of Jewish history, culture and Hebrew; he is an extremely intelligent and soulful young man who teaches his students with an open heart and mind. Misha is the right person to teach your child if you wish for him/her to explore, celebrate, question and deepen their understanding of what it means to be Jewish. With both humor and kindness, Misha guides his students through their Jewish studies with ease and originality.”

Maggie Lear and Daniel R. Katz
Student’s Parents