About Us

Created in New York in 2003, the School for Creative Judaism is dedicated to Jewish home-schooling of the highest quality. SCJ offers comprehensive Jewish education for children aged 4-17, including Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation and services. While students acquire a similar set of skills as in a traditional Hebrew School, the classes take place in the comfort of the students’ homes. The relaxed setting strips Judaism of many of its imposing and rigid sides, and allows students to develop a warm association with the religion – on their own terms. At SCJ we teach our students what Judaism has been and could be, and ask them to decide what it means to them personally. 

At SCJ we don’t shy away from the difficult questions we all have about religion today. On the contrary, we encourage students to have a truthful dialogue about what Judaism, God, the Torah and history actually mean to them. We believe that it is only through an honest dialogue that today’s younger generation will embrace Judaism on their own terms.

To read more about SCJ’s philosophy and pedagogy visit our Philosophy page.

“SCJ teachers connect with our children in a deep and meaningful way, helping them understand the history and culture of the Jewish people in a way that inspires them to want to learn as much as they can about the Jewish people and the Hebrew language. While he has so many special qualities, what our family appreciates most about Misha is that he does not judge people based on how much or how little they know about Judaism, or how they choose to practice their faith. Rather, he respects the choices we have made and simply encourages us all to open our minds and hearts to learn a little more about Judaism, and to do so as a family.”

Laura and David Ross